Out of the Mist

Gallery of Native American

& World Tribal Art

We are proud to carry on the tradition, begun in the 1860's in Victoria of the first dealers in classic and contemporary Northwest coast native art. Including traditional potlatch masks, basketry, shamanic devices, button blankets, totem poles, artefacts, and much more. There is always a selection of plains beadwork and artefacts and other North American, Oceanic, and African tribal art. From a Tokugawa, Shogun's Gift cover to a Stag horn carving of the Virgin Mary and don't forget the odd painting we have had by Copley, Rostraten, and Boudain. We seek the unusual and often find it.

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All prices are in Canadian dollars

Gallery Location
Downtown Victoria, B.C.

Women's Work: Art of the First Women
Cantonese Opera Costumes
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